In 2014 I began teaching.  

Although bodywork is my liveiihood, I believe that bodywork alone is not enough for a healthy balanced life.  Bodywork is a useful stepping stone as it can open the door to being able to add movement to life.  People in pain really start feeling better when they are able to begin a gentle movement practice and sustain it.  Bodywork is also a great way to turn around an annoying nagging pain, and prevent it from getting worse.  But there are movement practices and tools for serving yourself.  I don’t want people dependent on my services – I want them to be able to help themselves as much as possible if they would like to do so.  Bodywork is a very efficient boost to help your body stay feeling good if you don’t have the time or focus right now to maintain a movement based practice at a sufficient level.

In January of 2014, I was certified as an Evidence Based Qigong and Evidence Based Taiji Instructor by Dr. Yang Yang, marking a milestone on a journey that still continues going back almost as long as my massage practice.  

CU DIY Wellness Classes

In March of 2014, I started a project CU DIY Wellness with a friend. We offered a 6 week pilot class in March, and 3 sessions of a 1 hour self massage and movement class tailored to gamers at Gen Con in Indianapolis.  In 2015, we returned to Gen Con, and added a class introducing Qigong practice.

Beneficial Slack: DIY Pain Relief

Shoulder pain from a heavy backpack? Footsore from traipsing around the convention center? Learn self massage and movement from a massage therapist.

Morning Wake Up Qigong Practice

Start your morning right with some gentle movement to open up your last day of Gen Con. Qigong is an energy nurturing art that is considered the mother of Tai Chi.

Continuing Education Workshops

In April 2014, I began teaching continuing education workshops for massage therapists as an instructor through Olympic Massage (founded by Lolita Knight). My first workshop was Chinese Moving Cups. In October and November, I added three additional workshops, and reoffered the Chinese Moving Cups workshop.  In 2015, I added the workshop Panoramic Deep Tissue, teaching components of the maintenance massage I do in my own practice.

  • Panoramic Deep Tissue (8 CE) – Last taught April, 2015 : Info Sheet
  • Centered Awareness for Bodyworkers: Evidence Based Qigong[TM] and Applications to Massage (4 CE) – Last taught October, 2014 : Info Sheet 
  • Indian Head Massage (4 CE) – Last taught October, 2014 : Info Sheet 
  • Introduction to Chinese Moving Cups (3 CE) – Last taught November, 2014 (Sponsored by AMTA) 
  • Massage Tools to Save Hands (3 CE) – Last taught November, 2014 (Sponsored by AMTA)